Labels & Packaging

The perfect prototyping and proofing equipment, PELEMAN's Flat Bed Foil Printer has been developed to allow users to create impressive designs, starting from a single piece, thereby maximising time and cost efficiencies. Bringing a novel solution to the label printing and packaging scene, our digital foil printer allows printing companies to create one-off proposals, prototype labels as well as folding carton samples, without the need for large production runs.

Perfect for instant personalisation and limited edition promotions, the Flat Bed Foil Printer also allows retailers and brand stores to generate extra revenue by adding value to their offerings through exquisite custom foil prints on their products or packaging materials. From labels and folding cartons to presentation covers, invitations, business cards, phone covers and more, this easy-to-use digital printer prints on flat, smooth, semi-smooth and coated surfaces.

With a total of six foil colour options available, the PELEMAN Flat Bed Foil Printer can turn creative ideas into custom designs. Endless possibilities with one machine.

  • Flat Bed Foil Printer Labels
  • Flat Bed Foil Printer Folding Cartons