Frequently asked questions

How to create a new design in Flat Bed Foil Printer PC Tool?

Section 5.5 of this manual may be referred for details regarding creating a new design based on the templates supported by Flat Bed Foil Printer PC Tool.

How can I find settings to print on my material?

To change settings, go to Tools->Customize and change settings for existing material or make a new material. After saving the settings go back to your design and select that material. By changing Burn Time, Torque and different foil types, you’ll be able to find perfect settings.

How to maintain the Flat Bed Foil Printer?

It is important to clean the printhead and metal bars with our cleaning wipes item SPUP0000138 on regular basis. After few years of use grease the spindle with item SPUP0000122 and check for loose parts. You may also need new underlay foam pad item SPUP0000046 and new acrylic plate item SPUP0000130. Contact your distributor to request these items or request a service check up and repair.

What is the lifetime of the printhead?

The lifetime is about 20km of ribbon (not hours but meters of ribbon). However, this highly depending on the usage of the printhead. 1 example, if you always print without ribbon, the lifetime is only 1km.