About Peleman Industries

Since 1979, Peleman Industries has been specialising in the design, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of solutions for printed presentations and photos.

Its firm commitment to continuous innovation and a strong global presence have established the company as an industry leader.


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Constantly embracing change

Our binding and presentation products are sold in over 120 countries. We are very proud to be the worldwide market leader in binding and presentation systems.

Progress through innovation

Building on decades of research, development and worldwide client feedback, Peleman Industries offers an extensive range of products that contribute to the improvement of communication between people.

Thinking and acting green

At Peleman Industries, doing sustainable business is deeply rooted in our values. Finding ways to reduce our ecological footprint is inherent to our business culture.

Mission and vision

With a steadfast commitment to the highest standards, we strive to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions. As a global leader in the field of printed presentations and pictures, we endeavour to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and suppliers and a rewarding work environment for our employees.

Our goal is to be a family-run company with strong values, we aim to be recognised as a trusted partner for our customers and as a quality reference in the field of printed presentations and pictures. Through continuous investment in research, development and sustained improvement, we encourage the professional growth of our employees and business partners.

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